Riverside Park Portraits in Kamloops, BC | Gord + Karen

I did these sweet Riverside Park portraits in Kamloops a couple of weeks ago. This is my Dad and his partner, Karen. I have always wanted to document them together and we finally did the thing during my last trip home to Kamloops.

My mother left when I was in seventh grade and my Dad was single for a long time. I regularly bothered him about dating, going as far as buying him Dating For Dummies for Christmas one year. He always said he would date when my younger sister moved out of the house. His number one priority was always providing for us, and he waited until we were both successfully out on our own before prioritizing love in his life.

When my Dad and Karen first got together, I was hesitant. They have possibly the most unconventional meeting story you have ever heard! My younger sister was dating Karen’s son – so Dad and Karen were introduced because their (adult) children were dating. I was already living in Vancouver at this point and felt like a bit of an outsider to this interesting dynamic.

It didn’t take long before I realized how much light Karen brought to my Dad’s life. I had spent my teenaged years convinced my Dad was going to live out his days alone in a house full of cats. Karen introduced me to a version of my Dad I had never met. My Dad who takes dance lessons and dances in the park, who loves karaoke so much he sings at multiple pubs around the city, who goes on cruises and tropical vacations. My Dad who sparkles. I am so glad I got to meet this version of my Dad and am so grateful to Karen for introducing him to me.

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