Summerland Couples Session | Jen + Tameus

I grew up in Kamloops and have always enjoyed getting a chance to play Okanagan wedding photographer whenever possible.

My partner and I were super fortunate to spend Labour Day weekend in Summerland with her best friends, Jen and Tameus. Tameus’s family lives in a house on the lake and they invited us to join them for the long weekend. We spent most of our time on the lake, I tried paddleboarding for the first time, and we ate like royalty for the entire weekend. It was absolutely the most perfect way to end the summer!

During our weekend getaway, I was able to convince Jen and Tameus to get in front of the camera for me – for 18 minutes. True story! We were so caught up in enjoying the lake and lawn games that we failed to realize what time it was, and by the time we got to the orchard, we had exactly 18 minutes before the sun went behind the mountains. Good thing Jen and Tameus are stupidly in love with each other and we were able to bang out a whole bunch of adorable photos in next to no time.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot in an entirely different environment than the scenery around Vancouver. While the forest and the ocean, and all the blues and greens that go along with them, are great, it felt so good to switch things up and embrace the earthy, desert tones of the Okanagan. It’s, unfortunately, not often you can shoot in the Okanagan in the summer without smoke from forest fires, so we were all super grateful for the clean air and clear skies.

Huge thanks to my partner, Manue, for playing assistant during this session. For taking behind the scenes photos, for holding all of the things, and for cheering us on in our rapid-fire couples session adventure.

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