My History


I started a portrait photography business, got engaged, and planned my wedding. I had my heart broken when my first choice wedding photographer told me she couldn't shoot my wedding because she didn't shoot same-sex weddings.


Ultimately, I found an incredible wedding photographer who inspired me to move from shooting portraits to shooting weddings.  I second shot for her for the season and started shooting as many weddings as I could.


After several seasons of attempting to be everyone's photographer, I decided I was no longer okay with not feeling represented in my work.  The Union LGBT+ Wedding Show was born and I connected with so many amazing couples.


I had my first season with 50% LGBTQ+ weddings and felt much more personally connected to my work.  I decided to get more involved with the community and shot my first pink carpet at QMUNITY's Stack the Rack annual fundraiser.


The year of speaking gigs! I spoke on an industry panel about LGBTQ+ inclusive language, on The ARC Creative Podcast, and at the ARC Experience conference on heteronormativity in the wedding industry.


COVID-19 happened and attempted to destroy the entire wedding industry.  I stayed home, ate too many peanut M&M's, and looked forward to 2021 weddings.

My Approach

my approach on a wedding day...

One of the things I get asked most about is how much guidance I provide during portraits.  Most couples are completely unfamiliar with having their picture taken, by a photographer at least, so I totally understand the concern.

My gameplan during portraits is to find rad spots to shoot in, and then to encourage you to interact with each other in whatever way feels most natural. I'll ask you do to things like look at each other, whisper things to one another, snuggle closer, or love on each other. How you interpret those things is entirely up to you.

I am not one to micromanage or heavily pose my couples because it's not authentic. Physical love languages and comfort levels with affection look completely different in every relationship, so my goal is always to honour that.

Another thing I feel strongly about is things.

I am much more concerned with documenting how your wedding felt than what it looked like. I will not precariously dangle your wedding dress from a tree (it definitely looks better on you anyway) or spend an hour documenting your centrepieces from every angle.

I make sure to include a few detail photos with every wedding gallery, but moments trump things every. single. time. It's too easy for moments to be missed when you are caught up focusing on things, so I try to keep the time I spend shooting things at your wedding to an absolute minimum.

All that said, I do ask about sentimental things in a questionnaire before your wedding. If the details are an important piece in telling your story, you can rest assured that they will not be missed.

Overall, my goal is to be as candid as possible throughout your wedding day. My favourite compliment at the end of the night is "We hardly even noticed you were here!"

I don't want you to look back at your wedding photos and remember the photographer who took them. I want you to look back and remember exactly how you felt.

I want you to remember the love in the eyes of your guests, all the excited faces when you were pronounced officially married, the bewilderment when that thing didn't go quite according to plan, the tears and the long hugs, the throw-your-head-back laughs during speeches, and the way you looked at each other when you thought no one was watching.

It is such an honour to be chosen to tell your story and I look forward to doing it in a way that is raw and genuine and real. 

Behind the Scenes

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