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Third Beach Elopement | Sharon + Sarah

When Sharon and Sarah first contacted me about their Third Beach elopement, I saw the date and assumed it was for 2019. After re-reading the e-mail, I realized they were eloping on the beach in THREE DAYS. Shooting an elopement on the beach seemed like a pretty solid way to spend a Monday afternoon, so I was excited to add them to my calendar.

We met on the beach 10 minutes before their ceremony was set to start and I knew they were my people right away. I was super excited to discover that Beth Carlson-Malena from Young, Hip & Married would be officiating as we had just met on a panel talking about inclusive language in the wedding industry a couple of weeks before. Sharon and Sarah had decided to get married while they were visiting from Vancouver from the UK, so Beth’s wife and I signed their marriage license as witnesses. Following the ceremony, they received applause and well wishes from an LGBTQ couple married 30 years who just so happened to be sitting at the beach at the time. We spent 45 minutes or so shooting some portraits around Stanley Park afterward, and wrapped up our time together with ice cream!

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