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Granville Island Engagement | Kay + Kannis

When Kay and Kannis first suggested a Loblaws City Market grocery store and Granville Island engagement session, I thought they were joking. I always advocate for locations that are significant to my couples, but I had never had anyone tell me they wanted engagement photos at a grocery store. Kay and Kannis love grocery shopping (and all things food, really), and they love water parks, so these locations were entirely fitting for them and their relationship.

This session could best be summarized as a comedy of errors. Our original grocery store did not have shopping carts, then we got a lot of funny looks from people in the grocery store, then I accidentally slid down a hill at Granville Island and got COVERED in mud, and then we got kicked out of the waterpark by security. Kay and Kannis were absolute champs and took all of this in stride. Clearly, these two don’t take life too seriously and that can only mean good things for their marriage. We had a lot of laughs together and this session made me really excited about their Tuc Craft Kitchen wedding in September.

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