Gender-Affirming Portraits in Vancouver, BC | Manu

I’m now offering gender-affirming portraits in Vancouver!

My partner, Manu, recently came out as non-binary and wanted some portraits to document this time in their life. I brought my camera one morning when we were venturing around Granville Island and took some cool urban portraits. Manu wanted more serious photos, but I prefer the smiling ones.

My favourite image is the close-up smiling shot on the stairs. In order to take this photo, I stood on a lower step and held my camera over my head. The angle still wasn’t quite right, so I leaned back as far as I could. This made Manu nervous, so they grabbed ahold the utility belt I wear during sessions (yes, it looks as dorky as it sounds) and I leaned back further and kept shooting. They started laughing and I got my favourite photo of the day. I do a lot of odd things when I’m shooting, which typically results in genuine smiles and laughs, which only further reinforces my decision to do odd things. If we are going to work together, consider yourself warned.

I think my favourite part of this session was seeing Manu’s reaction to the photos afterwards. I could tell that they felt really seen for who they are and confident in the way they are showing up in the world. I can’t wait to do more gender-affirming portaits in the future!

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