Henna Party | Veena + Eli

One of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is learning about different wedding customs and traditions. When Veena and Eli asked if I would be available to shoot their henna party prior to their Whistler wedding (on the blog next Tuesday!), I couldn’t have been more excited!

As soon as Tanja and I arrived at Veena’s parents’ house, her family immediately invited us to eat. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so welcome so quickly! There was an amazing spread of fruit and cheeses, as well as Indian treats like samosas and pakora.

The mehndi artist, Nazil Kara, was busy drawing beautifully intricate designs on all of the women at the party while others mingled, ate, and shared their excitement for the big day the following Sunday. I had never had a behind the scenes look at henna tattoos before and was amazed that one woman could create so many stunning designs in one afternoon!

Once all the women were finished at the henna table, Veena’s parents introduced the tumeric ceremony. A tumeric ceremony cleanses the couple of their past lives as individuals before they are joined as a couple on their wedding day. The females guests all took a turn smearing tumeric on Veena and Eli – some much more liberally than others! ;D

Once each female guest had her turn, dinner was announced. Everyone was surprised to learn there was more food! Veena’s family certainly knows how to throw a party! Tanja and I said our goodbyes, shared our excitement about the weekend, and left Veena and Eli and their guests to enjoy the rest of the evening.