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Bloedel Conservatory Elopement | Jen + Amy

Jen and Amy contacted me about their Bloedel Conservatory elopement after Jen was part of Carly and Simone’s wedding party. They had not originally planned on having a wedding photographer, so I was super grateful (and flattered!) when they reached out. One of my favourite things about booking new weddings from past weddings is getting to see my couples again. It was so nice to see Carly and Simone and so many other familiar faces at this wedding. It may be wishful thinking, but I like to believe that I give far less “strange wedding photographer” vibes when guests see me multiple times in the same season. I can’t be entirely wrong, right?

Jen and Amy met when they were serving at a restaurant and their relationship grew organically over time. When I asked them why the conservatory, they said it’s a place they have always loved to visit, and that they were excited to have 8 birds yelling in the background of their ceremony. Their evening wedding was officiated by the lovely Karen Ell and birds definitely yelled in the background. (Though I’m not entirely sure it was 8 of them.) They were surrounded only by their closest friends and family and it was an honour to be present for such an intimate ceremony.

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