Bear Creek Park Elopement | Heather + Ash

I was absolutely sold on being part of Heather and Ash’s Bear Creek Park elopement when Heather told me they met at a Xena Warrior Princess convention and were engaged after a Xena Warrior Princess retreat. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I speak nerdy, but these two spoke nerdy to a whole different level! I don’t think I had even thought of Xena Warrior Princess since I was a kid watching cable at my grandmother’s house on Saturday mornings. The fact that she brought these two together made my nerdy heart super happy.

We met at the gazebo in Bear Creek Park with two of their closest friends shortly before their officiant arrived. I really enjoy being invited to document elopements. While I love telling a complete story of a wedding day, being able to document something that wasn’t witnessed by many feels really special. Their ceremony was short and sweet and ended with some celebratory dancing. Once they were officially married, we spent some time wandering around the park and taking portraits. An hour later, we said goodbye and the four of them were off for dinner and more celebrating.

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