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Brandywine Falls Engagement | Emily + Joanne

On Sunday, I met Emily and Joanne for their Brandywine Falls engagement session. These two have a lot of memories tied to the Sea to Sky Highway, and we knew right away that we needed to plan their engagement session around that. I had seen a lot of friends posting photos from Brandywine Falls and was excited to finally have a chance to shoot there myself. We drove up together and had a great afternoon full of random conversations, talking all things wedding, and a much needed Tim Hortons pit stop on the way back to Vancouver. I can’t wait for their big day at Sunwolf in May!

woman in sunglasses driving Honda carreflection of woman smiling in side mirror of car
lesbian couple holding hands and walking away down a path
two women holding hands and laughing together in the forest
two girlfriends leaning against wooden fence and laughinglesbian couple walking together down tree lined path at Brandywine Falls engagement session
queer couple cuddling while sitting on a log in the forest
woman laughing while her girlfriend tickles her cheek with her nose
woman laughing when her partner whispers in her ear
couple at lookout at Brandywine Falls engagement session
two girlfriends snuggled together against a tree and looking into each others eyes female partners holding hands and laughing together at Brandywine Falls lookout in Whistler
woman wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's shoulders at lookout point
two girlfriends cuddled up and laughing together
same sex couple sitting together on a log in the forest at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park
lesbian couple with their foreheads together and their eyes closedwoman tucking her girlfriend's hair behind her ear and laughing
queer couple with their foreheads together smiling in beam of light in the forest
female partners holding hands in the car over the console

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