About Shauna

Who is this photographer anyway?!


Hey there, I’m Shauna (she/her) – an LGBTQ+ wedding and portrait photographer and inclusive marketing educator making a lot of noise in the wedding industry.

I Love

  • dogs with squished faces
  • mermaids
  • black and white striped everything
  • board games (but not the cooperative ones)
  • finding treasures at Winners
  • hairless cats in sweaters
  • all things Disney and musical

I Believe

  • equal rights are human rights
  • everyone deserves a second chance
  • all bodies are good bodies
  • there’s room for everyone on the nice list
  • you are more than your star sign
  • popcorn is an acceptable dinner option

Photo credit: Tara Lilly Photography

About My Business


I started a portrait photography business, got engaged, and planned my wedding. I had my heart broken when my first choice wedding photographer told me she couldn’t shoot my wedding because she didn’t shoot same-sex weddings.


Ultimately, I found an incredible wedding photographer who inspired me to move from shooting portraits to shooting weddings.  I second shot for her for the season and started shooting as many weddings as I could.


After several seasons of attempting to be everyone’s photographer, I decided I was no longer okay with not feeling represented in my work.  The Union LGBT+ Wedding Show was born and I connected with so many amazing couples.


I had my first season with 50% LGBTQ+ weddings and felt much more personally connected to my work.  I decided to get more involved with the community and shot my first pink carpet at QMUNITY’s Stack the Rack annual fundraiser.


The year of speaking gigs! I spoke on an industry panel about LGBTQ+ inclusive language, on The ARC Creative Podcast, and at the ARC Experience conference on heteronormativity in the wedding industry.


COVID-19 happened and attempted to destroy the entire wedding industry.  I stayed home, ate too many peanut M&M’s, and looked forward to 2021 weddings.