5 Reasons to Have a Food Truck Cater Your Wedding

5 reasons to have a food truck wedding | Vij's Railway Express food truck at wedding reception in Vancouver

I first discovered food trucks at weddings back in 2013 and have been to several food truck weddings since. In Vancouver, we’re fortunate to have access to a huge variety of different food trucks, opening an infinite number of options for your wedding reception. Some of my personal favourites are Tacofino, Vij’s Railway Express, and Yolks (breakfast for dinner anyone?!) but I’d love to hear your suggestions! Leave your favourites in the comments below!

5 reasons to have a food truck wedding:

1. Food trucks are budget friendly.

One of the biggest arguments in favour of food truck wedding receptions is the cost. Not only are food trucks a great way to keep your cost per person down, they cut several other costs as well. Food trucks use disposable dishware and eliminate the need to rent dishware and other touches like linen napkins and charger plates. You are also able to save on waitstaff!

2. Food trucks are a fun personal touch.

Food trucks are becoming more popular and more restaurants are creating portable alternatives for their favourite dishes. While you may not be able to host your wedding reception at your favourite restaurant (for a variety of reasons!), food trucks are an easy way to incorporate your go-to spot into your big day.

3. Food trucks are portable.

If your reception venue does not have an on-site kitchen, or you are utilizing an outdoor venue, the portability of a food truck is a huge perk! Food trucks create flexibility in selecting a venue and open doors to venues that may not be possible with more traditional alternatives.

4. Food trucks are fresh.

While catering companies prepare food off-site and transport it to your reception space, having your reception catered by a food truck means your dinner is fresh. Having dinner prepared individually and on-site not only guarantees freshness, but also gives your guests the flexibility of selecting and customizing exactly what they’d like to eat on your wedding day. (Because who really knows what they’re going to want to eat 6 months ahead of time?!)

5. Food trucks are a unique experience for your guests.

It’s likely that your guests have never been to a food truck reception, so hiring a food truck to cater your reception will be memorable for your guests. Food trucks are also much more diverse in their menu items than traditional catering companies, adding to the unique experience for your guests. From grilled cheese to gourmet fusion, food trucks specialize in just about anything you can imagine.

What do you think of these 5 reasons to have a food truck wedding?

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