5 Things to Think About When Planning Your First Dance

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5 First Dance Tips


When you spend most summer Saturdays at weddings, you start to notice recurring themes during traditional wedding day events. I thought it may be helpful to discuss some of these from a photographer’s perspective. The first event I decided I would discuss is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day, the first dance.

Here are five things to think about when planning your first dance:

1. Choreography

Unless you both took dance lessons before you started planning your wedding, opting for a choreographed first dance, more often than not, results in stiffness and stage fright. Rather than stressing over a dance routine that will wow your guests, embrace the fact that you are not professional dancers and enjoy the moment in all of its imperfect glory.

2. Song choice

Choose a song that is significant to you and your relationship. Please ignore all “best 50 first dance songs” lists on Pinterest and wedding blogs.

3. Timing

Who said the first dance has to be after dinner? If it’s something you’re feeling nervous about, or if you’re opting for half day photography coverage, have your first dance after the grand entrance at your reception. Then you can sit and enjoy dinner knowing that all of the formalities are over!

4. Singing

We all love singing our favourite songs, but multitasking is often a difficult thing to do in a photogenic way. If singing along is important to you, try whispering into your partner’s ear. Not only is it a cute private moment between the two of you, but it will make for beautiful photographs as well!

5. Photos

Speaking of your photographs, pay no attention to the one behind the camera. Your first dance is meant to be between you and your spouse, and your photographer wants to capture that in a candid and genuine way. Pose for a quick couple of shots and then do your best to forget your photographer completely.

Question of the day

Have any of these considerations been helpful to you? What song will you be dancing to for your first dance?