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Joyful imagery for rad couples who reject tradition and love on their own terms.

About Shauna

Hey there, I’m Shauna (she/her) – an LGBTQ+ wedding and portrait photographer and inclusive marketing educator making a lot of noise in the wedding industry.

I Love

  • dogs with squished faces
  • mermaids
  • black and white striped everything
  • board games (but not the cooperative ones)
  • finding treasures at Winners
  • hairless cats in sweaters
  • all things Disney and musical

I Believe

  • equal rights are human rights
  • everyone deserves a second chance
  • all bodies are good bodies
  • there’s room for everyone on the nice list
  • you are more than your star sign
  • popcorn is an acceptable dinner option

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portrait sessions (couples, engagement, anniversary, maternity, newborn, and family)
start at $400, elopements start at $750, weddings start at $2600

Wedding Industry Education

It is no secret that the wedding industry is an extremely heteronormative space. It is full of gendered language, imagery, and traditions and it often fails to celebrate LGBTQ+ couples and their stories.

After working in the industry as a queer person for 6 years, I realized that it was time to start making some noise about it. In 2018, I spoke on my first podcast episode and at my first conference and discovered that others wanted to see big changes in the industry too.

In 2020, COVID put weddings on hold and it gave me time to launch my audit services for wedding industry professionals looking to develop their inclusive business practice and reach more LGBTQ+ couples.

If you’re looking to do your part to support queer business, celebrate diversity, and change the wedding industry – I’d love to hear from you!

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