About Shauna

Vancouver wedding photographer standing in front of rusted warehouse holding camera with polka dot wrist strap

Hey there!  I'm Shauna and I'm a Vancouver wedding photographer.

I'm also a girlfriend, a crazy cat lady (David and Goliath), a gamer, a Disney enthusiast, and a lover of all things musical, purpleturquoise, peacock, and The Wizard of Oz.

I am ridiculously organized, I laugh like I mean it, and I have no shame in my love for young adult books, bad horror movies, and following too many reality television shows.

I believe in love.  I believe in charity and paying it forward.  I believe in equality.  I believe in second chances.  I believe in dancing like nobody is watching, and I believe in chasing your dreams.

I'd love to know what you believe in!


Random Facts

I think it's totally possible to be cat person and a dog person in equal measures.  That said, a lint brush doesn't stand a chance in my apartment, but I don't mind!

My favourite colours are purpleturquoise, and glitter.  I'm pretty sure I was meant to be born a mermaid.  I don't know what happened.

I dance like nobody is watching all the time. I will inevitably dance while shooting your reception. I promise a dancing photographer takes the best photos.

I’m a gamer.  Board games are definitely my favourite (Munchkin, Smash Up, 7 Wonders, Castles of Burgundy, Splendor), but I will always be a Nintendo girl.

Broadway musicals are my happy place. Shows I've seen recently are The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, The Lion King, Wicked, and Mary Poppins.

I pride myself on being a minimalist in most areas of my life.  But my lipstick collection is a litttttttttle out of control.  Never ask me to pick a favourite!

Behind the Scenes

Why I Love Weddings

Once I second shot a completely private bride and groom portrait session in the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Being one of five people in the entire gallery was crazy!

I shot an engagement shoot at a Blenz coffee shop where the couple had their first date.  Blenz featured it on their website AND sent them a wedding gift!

I had dinner for two in the Brix & Mortar courtyard.  It's probably the most romantic dinner I've ever had, and I shared it with my second shooter! 

I shot a wedding reception entirely in Russian.  I had no clue what was happening or being said the entire time, but I learned about some really cool wedding traditions!

I photographed a Hindu (and Jewish!) wedding with a bride in a white sari.  Traditionally, wedding saris are red.  She and her family searched for months!

My Recent Work